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First, for lovers of Milton, the BBC (Radio 3 -- the best classical radio channel in the world, no question!) are having something of a love-fest during December-January. The radio programs are all available for listening up to seven days after the original broadcast. Those living in the UK can also see TV using iPlayer. Check it out here. Of particular interest is the acclaimed actor Anton Lesser's readings of the complete Paradise Lost (12 books) every weekday at 5pm and at the weekend at 9.30pm from 22 December - 2 January.

If you take a look to the left on the front page you will see the beginnings of a new feature -- "Blogging the Institutes." We'll have much more to say about this in the coming days but it promises to be very exciting as the regular bloggers plus Sinclair Ferguson and Paul Helm blog each through Calvin's magnum opus in 2009. We are still working on the layout, but we thought you'd like a taster. Check out Ligon's ten reasons for reading Calvin's Institutes!

Posted December 16, 2008 @ 9:31 AM by Derek Thomas

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