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A couple of interesting news items have arrived on the desk of Trotter News International, the world's premier non-Murdoch-owned news outlet, courtesy of Britain's Daily Torygraph.  First, brother Del looks set to make a financial killing in the sale of his automobile here. No need for the American government to -- ahem -- socialise Trotterdom apparently (though, with the Trotters being working class gents and having only the vote and no highly-paid lobbyists, what are the chances of that happening, eh?  as Harry Hill might say). Second, Michael Jackson is rumoured to have converted to Islam here.  For years, Christians have lamented the fact that Christian rock musicians are hopeless and cringeworthy, the Devil has all the good tunes etc.  Well, the score appears to be being evened out at last. Let's pray that the artist formerly known as Wacko Jacko has a similar cultural impact on his new found faith as Christian hair-rock band Stryper had on Christianity......  If his past career is anything to go by, the chances are very high.

Posted November 24, 2008 @ 8:11 AM by Rodney Trotter

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