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Steve, we share a common disinterest in sports!  Sadly, I knew all about the Phillies since my wife is a baseball obsessive! She has said to me several times already "there's no more baseball now until Spring Training in March."  That's way too soon. Ligon at lunch today did suggest that I began a blog about what's on my ipod instead (Olivier Messiaen's L'Ascension)!

But, more seriously, I did read the following in the church staff meeting this morning in memory of Luther. It comes from the second page of his Bondage of the Will, in which he's commenting on Erasmus' Freedom of the Will (De Servio Arbitrio), "...your book is, in my estimation, so mean and vile, that I greatly feel for you for having defiled your most beautiful and ingenious language with such vile trash; and I feel an indignation against the matter also, that such unworthy stuff should be borne about in such ornaments of eloquence so rare; which is as if rubbish, or dung, should be carried in vessels of gold or silver."

To which Ligon added, "Why didn't Luther tell us what he really thinks of Erasmus?"

Posted October 31, 2008 @ 4:42 PM by Derek Thomas

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