Together for Adoption and the Power of Saving Love

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Perhaps the best incentive for readers to attend the Together for Adoption conference (Nov. 1, Greenville, SC) is being displayed right before our eyes on the national stage.  I am referring to the impact made on American hearts by the testimony of saving love in the McCain and Palin families.  The media is abuzz over the integrity of the Palins in their their acceptance of Trig, their Downs-syndrom son.  I read an article today in the national media that points out that this is standard operating procedure for Christians.  A very good "and oh, by the way" testimony to the power of the gospel.  Similarly, it seems that Cindy McCain's outreach of mercy and their love in adopting a Bangladeshi girl has put a more appealing face on the Republican nominee for president.

Together for Adoption will explore two great themes.  First, and most important, is the oft-neglected truth of God's love for outcast sinner in adopting them into His family through Jesus Christ.  How impoverished many Christians are because they little understand God's grace in adoption.  Second, we face a golden opportunity to show the power of the gospel to the world by adopting lost children into our families.  This is a calling that deserves much more prominent attention among Christians, and this conference aims to pick up the torch. 

I am honored to have been asked to speak at this important event and hope I will see you there.

Posted September 9, 2008 @ 11:27 AM by Rick Phillips

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