Spice Girls Better than Zeppelin???

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Yes, it's official. See here. Isn't democracy wonderful.  I am not sure how to interpret the results.  Perhaps as a reactionary, Del-boy type feudalist: we need to return to the good old Wagnerian days; see what the generation of soul-patched, feminised twenty- and thirty-something `conversational-missional' types have done with culture.  Or perhaps as a Marxist: behold, the pile-em-high-quantity-over-quality mentality of capitalism as it pushes towards its own inherent contradictions and stands on the verge of destruction.  Or theologically -- oh where, oh where is your postmillennialism now?  One things for sure: it won't help reassure the international markets.
Posted September 19, 2008 @ 9:15 AM by Rodney Trotter
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