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Edinburgh based publishing house, Birlinn, has recently published an excellent and accessible biography of John Knox. The author, Rosalind Marshall, has established herself as the historian of Scottish Queens, and John Knox features in the story of several of them. She has done a good job of letting Knox speak for himself, and concludes her biography with the refreshingly positive comment that 'John Knox's energy, eloquence, powerful convictions and moral certainty played a significant part in making Scotland and the Scots what they are today'. Well worth reading.


In November Birlinn will also be publishing a new history of the church in the Isle of Lewis ('Banner in the West', by John Macleod, journalist and son of Principal Donald Macleod in the Free Church College). These two volumes will enhance the Scottish section of your libraries!

Posted September 12, 2008 @ 8:05 PM by Iain D Campbell

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