Reformed Man Today reports discovery of early Machen manuscript

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The August edition of Reformed Man Today leads with a shocking story:

The Christian world has today been thrown into turmoil by the discovery of what is probably the earliest MS of J Gresham Machen's seminal tome, Christianity and Liberalism.  What is so shocking is that it is now apparent that the original title was Christianity and Evangelicalism!   Dr Diogenes Altleben, of the Dept of Lederhosen at the University of Wienerschnitzel, declared that this was `proof positive zat Vestminster, from its veeeerrrry inception, defined itself not against ze liberals but against ze evangelicals!'

Lawyers for Fredo `the Bull' Schleiermacher, feared in the evangelical underworld as `the Godfather of Liberalism' and who is currently serving a four-hundred year sentence for the contract killing of Christian Orthodoxy on behalf of a cultural despiser who was never identified at his trial, declared that they now planned to lodge an appeal against his conviction and press for his immediate release. 

Interviewed in his prison cell, Fredo Schleiermacher said yesterday, `I knew it was them conservative evangelicals wot dunnit all along.  I mean, I woz fitted by the old bill and the Odge Gang, with their enlightnement foundationalism and their common sense, wozn't I?  My only crime was to reduce all Christian doctrinal claims to statements of the religious psychology of the individual and to take the odd bung from religion's cultured despisers.  Nobody got 'urt and everyone woz 'appy.  Believe me, when I get out, somebody's gonna get sued.'

Ludwig Feuerbach was unavailable for comment.

To purchase a copy of Machen's Christianity & Liberalism click here.

Posted August 11, 2008 @ 11:30 AM by Rodney Trotter

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