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When we pin all of our hope as well as our despair on the presidency of the United States, we've not only committed idolatry, we're also guilty of sloth, and we also (sometimes) sound mean.  I'm not suggesting that we not be engaged, that we not ferret out where candidates stand on issues that matter, that we not put their proposed plans and policies under the microscope.  I also understand that as Americans we are in a democracy, unlike the authors of the New Testament epistles.  And as participants in a democracy we should, well, participate.  So what am I saying?

Let's dial down the rhetoric.  Look at the blogs from the right on Joe Biden.  Is that the type of charitable public discourse we want to be known for?  Should be known for?  Does it really contribute to helping blog readers become engaged citizens?  

Number two.  Let's not make the presidency, the office, into an idol, thinking of it in either messianic or apocalyptic terms.  Isaiah gives a healthier perspective on the nations.  If it was true of Assyria, it's likely true of the USA.

Number three.  Let's not be guilty of sloth.  Winning elections doesn't actually get us very far, neither does blogging about them, for that matter.  The real work of being a Christian in culture and working toward a civil society is a bit more complicated and demanding.  We do, however, like to take the easy way out.  
Posted August 25, 2008 @ 6:23 AM by Stephen Nichols

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