Pinch-hitting for Babe Ruth

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Well, my Lord's Day afforded an opportunity for growth - in humility. I had the privilege of preaching at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC, where Sinclair Ferguson is the Minister. Sinclair was in town (but leaving for Scotland today for a brief holiday), and right under my nose, morning and evening. My preaching for Sinclair in his home congregation, with him present, it occurred to me, was a bit like a .240 hitter batting for Babe Ruth in Yankee Stadium! Did that ever happen? Sean, I'll need you help on that factoid.

Actually, it was a sheer delight to be with him. He is a dear friend and a gracious host. We were able to share a late-night hamburger on Tuesday night, and eat grits (not Scottish Porridge Oats, but grits!) for breakfast together last Wednesday morning at the ARP Family Bible Conference in Bonclarken, in Flat Rock, NC.

The congregation is clearly thriving under his ministry, and in late July, when many Columbians are seeking relief from the relentless Midlands heat by heading to the beach and or the mountains, the venerable old meeting house (where Benjamin Morgan Palmer once preached) is packed even in the middle of summer. The Lord has placed a faithful angel in the church here in Columbia.

Posted July 28, 2008 @ 2:49 PM by Ligon Duncan

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