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Chinese Liddell Image.JPGEvangelical Press have launched a book written by John Keddie celebrating the life and testimony of Eric Liddell in time for the China Oympics. The picture shows the Chinese cover. Other events and publications are also scheduled (see




Eric Liddell - 'Running the Race' in Beijing


John Keddie's acclaimed 'Running the Race', (Launched by Sebastian Coe and author John Keddie in Waterstones, London in March), a sporting biography that rightly places Eric Liddell's sporting life in the religious context in which it was lived, has now been published in simplified Chinese and will be launched in China during the Olympics next month.  China is of course the land where the 1924 Olympic 400 yards champion was born and subsequently died just five months before the end of the war.


Our plans for the launch in China include:

-       The author and Lord Sebastian Coe (subject to Olympic commitments) will visit school in Tianjin where Eric Liddell taught. Sebastian Coe and John Keddie will present copies of Running the race. (Chinese media will also cover)

-       Copies of Running the race (English) have been provided for GB athletes use in Beijing (By kind permission of British Olympic Association)

-       Book signings

-       A visit to Weifang. Eric Liddells grave and memorial monument etc.

Other very significant and exciting events are also being arranged

Posted July 23, 2008 @ 5:26 PM by Derek Thomas

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