Let's be in prayer for the EPC and New Wineskins

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The Presbyterian Layman reports that after first voting to remove "homosexual perversion" from the list of sins found in the Heidelberg Confession, the PC(USA) then approved a $2 million warchest to wage legal combat against the New Wineskins group (a large group of churches seeking to leave the apostate denomination) and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (the denomination into which most of the New Wineskins churches seek to enter).  What a lamentable summation: not only will the PC(USA) not uphold Holy Scripture, but they will sue any of their brothers who want to.  This certainly gives a context for the 57 thousand plus people who departed the denomination last year, as well as their call for "solemn assemblies" to reinvigorate missions and membership.
Posted June 27, 2008 @ 4:51 PM by Rick Phillips

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