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Just to let everyone know that, with the relaunch of the Ref21 site, the magazine loses its `grandfathered' status and now has to comply with Federal Directive 27002 (On the Virtual Representation of People of Alternative Gender) and include a woman in our blog discussions.  Thus, in the next few days we will be delighted to welcome as a dissenting voice, the Rev. Boadicea von Ribbentrop to the blog.  Non-hierarchically ordained (in a totally, like, non-elitist fashion and stuff) as a spiritual empowerment facilitator in the completely non-oppressive, egalitarian, anti-institutional Women's Eco-Democratic Spiritual Co-operative of Wales and Beyond, she will no doubt be keeping a close eye on those notorious oppressors of the fairer sex, Messrs Nichols and Lucas, as they join the blog and continue their lifelong campaign to objectify, exploit and dominate `the Other' in a completely unacceptable fashion.  Watch this space!  And watch out, Steve and Sean -- to quote Boadicea;s favorite counseling proverb: `Ve have vays of making you talk!'
Posted April 15, 2008 @ 2:49 PM by Rodney Trotter
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