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On my return from the PCRT conference in Grand Rapids yesterday, I found myself reading Steve Nichols's new book, Jesus: Made in America (IVP Academic). I confess I skipped the opening chapters: fascinating to be sure, but the real heart of it was the chapter entitled, "Jesus on a Bracelet." Was he, I wondered going to commend me for wearing my Turquoise-blue WWJD bracelet signaling to all the passengers (and especially the overweight one next to me invading my personal space in ways that made me blush!) that I was unashamedly Christian? Or the gold chain and cross I wear beneath my shirt, inscribed with "wear it for Jesus" on the back? Or my copy of Precious Moments for Little Ones Bible placed conveniently on my lap so that everyone could see and note that I was all out for Jesus?

Imagine my delight to read that Steve attended the 1996 Christian Booksellers Convention in the Anaheim Convention Center, staying in the same hotel as "dc Talk"? He even timed his departures from the lobby "walking behind them so as to appear part of the entourage" (p.174). And that he stood in line to get Charlton Heston's autograph who had just made a dramatic reading of the Bible in his best "Moses" voice! Steve, caught up in the spirit of the occasion, told the venerable Heston how much he had enjoyed his Bud Light commercials!

I felt affirmed!

Could someone tell me, Who or what is dc Talk?

 (Steve's book is hot off the press, and can be viewed here).


Posted April 20, 2008 @ 1:05 PM by Derek Thomas

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