He Blessed them

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We recently had our communion services here in Back. We follow the old Highland pattern of having special services from Thursday through to Monday, morning and evening, in both Gaelic and English. The advantage is that it becomes a high point on our religious calendar - our local version of T4G, with visiting preachers and much conferring! - the downside is the practical one of hosting all the visitors who are with us for the communion service. We had a time of rich blessing, however, and finished with a first rate sermon on Monday evening, where the preacher was Rev Kenneth Stewart of Dowanvale Free Church in Glasgow. He is worth listening to - his website has recently began hosting his sermons. He preached in Back on Luke 24:50 - Christ blessing the disciples before his ascension, and gave us a wonderful sermon on the significance of the benediction. 'Grace, mercy and peace,' he said - 'it's all you need!'. The sermon can be heard on our own website here.
Posted April 18, 2008 @ 3:22 AM by Iain D Campbell
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