Confessionalism and Male Oppression!

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In preparing for the time of Bible-empowered sharing at my usual Sunday gig at St Olaf the Sublime, I came upon this outrageous piece of androcentric oppression from one of those dead white males who's gruesome shadow lies so long and dark across the bloody centuries of brutal male oppression of women in the church.  He's talking about the Westminster Confession -- or the WestMANster Confession as my good friend, Hysteria Snaptwig, DPhil wittily calls it!:

The Churches that sincerely hold to the Confession of Faith do not credit it with inerrancy; but they do regard it as a formulation of doctrine that is thoroughly in agreement with the teaching of Holy Scripture, and they are entitled to continue doing so until and unless the contrary be proved. But it is a significant fact that critics of the Confession have never seriously challenged its teaching at any specific point as being inconsistent with the doctrine of Holy Scripture.  Their quarrel with the Confession really is that, in times of doctrinal laxity, it binds them too closely to Biblical teaching and denies them the right to propagate doctrine that is at variance with Holy Scripture.

G.N.M. Collins [Professor of Church History, Free Church of Scotland]

Well, MISTER Collins (and I don't mean that as a compliment!), I don't know who you are; but if you think that saying what you mean and meaning what you say is a Christian way to behave, then all I can say is you've never grappled with the kind of thealogy which I have so graciously and narrativally articulated over the years in a jouissance-inducing, non-elitist, non-objectifying, thoroughly empowering of `the Other' kind of way.  Take your oppressive, logocentric, demonic view of words, confessions and integrity and put them where they belong -- in the uncreative dustbin of andrarchical dustbin of male-dominated but now thankfully in the past history.  All men are evil; but confessional men are more evil than others.  Thank goodness I have arrrived and the age of enlightenment (in a post-foundationalist, post-enlightenment, post-Friends sense) can truly begin.  After all, if you had listened to me then you would hardly have.... (continues for another 98 pages)

Posted April 29, 2008 @ 8:16 AM by Rev Boadicea von Ribbentrop
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