Sinclair Ferguson's 'fireside talks' at 60!

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Sinclair Ferguson gave two addresses at RTS (Charlotte Campus) recently reflecting on the ministry at 60. These are not sermons or lectures as such, but Dr. Ferguson as you have not heard him before reflecting on his life and those who have shaped it. They are available free from ITunes. (Click RTS in ITunes Store and go to 'Seminar Series/Preaching the Word: Reflctions at Sixty'.  Vintage!

Here's a taster...

Speaking of discovering the importance of Scripture’s structure and the significance of the epistle of Romans (SF was 18):

“We ought not to read the Bible randomly, nor should one just read the Bible consecutively. It was reading something of Luther that helped me see this when he spoke of reading Romans as the ‘key’ to the Scriptures. I didn’t really know what that meant but I thought, if Romans is the key to the Scriptures, I need to get Romans into my soul. And so I remember going out and bought two commentaries on Romans. One was Robert Haldane’s commentary and the other was Professor (John) Murray’s… I gave myself unremittingly to trying to get Romans into my soul, not to master it so much as to be mastered by it. And to do the same with John’s Gospel, understanding that John’s Gospel in a sense very much functioned Christologically the same way that Romans functioned dogmatically, or didactically, or redemptive-historically; that there were whole streams of biblical revelation that were flowing here in a glorious confluence and that you could see them whole here. And looking back and I can see that I was a little bit like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter and I don’t know how diminished my ministry would have been if that principle had never dawned on me. And I am permanently grateful for having

Learned that…

Posted March 14, 2008 @ 10:07 PM by Derek Thomas

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