Greenville Seminary "End-Times" Conference

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I had to miss much of the Greenville Seminary annual theology conference, focusing this year on the end times.  But this morning was a real treat.  Two addresses were given on Romans 11 and the question of how to interpret "all Israel will be saved."  Dr. Ben Shaw took the position that Paul is not positing a future ingathering of ethnic Jews, while Dr. Cornelis Venema took that position that this is Paul's teaching.  It was a real treat for an end-times conference to devote such time to serious exegetical issues, and both Drs. Shaw and Venema presented their views lucidly and charitably.  (I confess that my conviction on this matter lies with Dr. Venema, though I thought Ben Shaw did a fine job of presenting his -- and Palmer Robertson's -- case.)  There was an excellent crowd for a weekday morning conference.  From what I witnessed (and heard about from others), this was another outstanding conference by Greenville Seminary.  I also heard rave reviews of Derek's preaching on Tuesday night (my son had a cello concert, so I missed Derek), and I had the privilege of chatting with him in the conference bookstore.

I also had the privilege of attending GPTS's new building dedication on Monday night.  It was a grand testimony to the godly persistence and faith of the fine men and women associated with the seminary, to the leadership of men like Morton Smith and Joey Pipa, and to God's faithfulness towards those who devote themselves to His kingdom.  My hearty congratulations to everyone at Greenville Seminary!
Posted March 13, 2008 @ 2:26 PM by Rick Phillips

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