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Shortly after posting on Stephen Lungu, I received a sobering update on his work right now in Kenya.  Where the following information says "AE" it is referring to African Enterprise, an evangelical ministry of word and deed that was founded by Michael Cassidy and is now directed by Stephen Lungu.

It is important for us to remember to pray for our brothers and sisters in Kenya, both in our public and in our private prayers.
The current situation in Kenya is that the Jamhuri camp that AE was
managing had been reducing in number. The Kenya team has been quite
successful in placing people back into the community, and the numbers had
wound down from 6,000 to 600 last week. At that stage, Nairobi was becoming
more peaceful and there was some hope of normalcy.

The assassination of a prominent Luhya politician on Monday night has
dramatically increased tension and violence in the capital. The politician
was a supporter of Raila Odinga and Stephen reported that in the first few
hours after the assassination, more than 1,000 have fled back into the camp
and it is expected that many more will follow. Many of the group who have
fled back to the camp have machete and panga cuts.

Stephen also reported that there were gangs of youths on the Ngong Road who
are attacking other ethnic groups.

As you know, the Kenya team are a multi ethnic team, and they remain
cohesive within themselves. However, the situation is such that they have to
be carefully deployed as certain areas are now "no go" zones, depending upon
which ethnic group they belong to.

Some of the camps around Nairobi are running desperately short of food, and
we are going to try and help if we can to supplement the work of the Red
Cross and the local churches. The sudden influx of new refugees is creating
additional resource strains for AE.

Stephen is hoping to undertake fact finding missions to Naivasha, Limuru,
Nakuru and Eldoret, if at all possible to assess what help they might be
able to do in those local situations.

Currently, reports are that buses are being stopped around the Naivasha
area, and some passengers are being taken off and killed, rather reminiscent
of the Rwanda of 1994. Reports are that numbers of children have also been

The Kenya team have had no email access for the last nine days, and they are
hoping to be able to get a message out through NEGST which has wireless
internet. This was promised to me yesterday, but has not eventuated, so
there may be problems with NEGST as well.

Currently, Kenya is in something of a downward spiral in terms of violence.
Local media is not reporting much of what happens because they have been
asked not to inflame the situation by the government, but there are reports
from various missionaries who are in outlying areas as to what is happening.

Worryingly, it was also reported that German tourists had been killed by a
mob with machetes in Mombasa.

Please pray for the Kenya team that they will remain a cohesive group and a
witness to our Lord who is above all that might seek to divide us. Pray also
for their safety, and that we will have sufficient resources to meet the
emergency call upon us.

We sent an initial $30,000 to assist and this has all but been used up. I
shall be sending some further funding shortly, and hope to have further
contact with Stephen in the next day or so.

Please mobilise prayer support for our team in Kenya and for the nation of
Kenya, as you are able.
Posted February 1, 2008 @ 9:42 AM by Phil Ryken

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