Calvin and Acts

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I'm just beginning to read the new English translation of Calvin's sermons on the first seven chapters of Acts translated by Rob Roy McGregor (and published recently by the Banner of Truth). These sermons have been available to us in the original French in the Supplimenta Calviniana for some time. I was fascinating by the sermon on Acts 2:41-42 to which the translator has given the title, "The Three Marks of the Church". His comment on the Lord's Supper reads: "We know that the purpose of the Lord's Supper is both to confirm our assurance that he wants to live in us and us in him, and to participate in his body and blood, just as the members of the body participate in the head, which directs and controls them. So whoever wishes to withdraw from the sacrament and be content only with the word will be like a man who has a letter with a seal and wishes to break the seal and throw it into the fire, being content only with the Scripture. Yet we know it is the seal that gives the letter its authority. Such is the Lord's Supper. It acts as the seal of God's promise so that we may be strengthened.Consequently, when we do not show the Supper its proper respect, what honor will we give the word?"

And not a comment on weekly communion in sight!
Posted February 7, 2008 @ 3:14 PM by Derek Thomas

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