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From a booklet on Reading The Bible and Praying in Public by Stuart Olyott (just published by the Banner of Truth):

"We believe that the Bible is for all: This being so it needs to be read as a message for all who are present. This message is even for those who have not brought a Bible with them. If the person doing the reading looks down at the page, and those who have a Bible are doing the same, those without Bibles think to themselves, 'All this is nothing to do with me.' You have got to catch their eye! They will be surprised that you looked at them and will suddenly become aware that the reading is intended for them as well. Eye contact is an essential part of good reading. If you don't catch the eye of people without Bibles, it is probably because you do not truly believe that the reading is for them."
Posted February 20, 2008 @ 5:40 AM by Derek Thomas

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