Timely words from John Owen

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In a seminar on John Owen's doctrine of justification this morning, one of my students, Brian Borgman, drew attention to the following quotation from Owen's treatment of Justification in Volume 5:

"(Justification) is so fallen in our days, that nothing in religion is more maligned, more reproached, more despised, than the imputation of Christ's righteousness unto us, or an imputed righteousness." (p.163).

Forone of the best treatmentsof Owen on Justification, see Carl Trueman's latest book,John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance man" (Asgate, 2007) and chapter 4, "The Article by Which the Church Stands or Falls."  See, here. Carl, are they really asking $99 for it at Amazon? Go to Westminster Seminary Bookstore, here, for a better price!
Posted January 17, 2008 @ 2:56 PM by Derek Thomas

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