All Saints Day

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Today is All Saints Day, the super-bowl Sunday of sacred relics in the Roman Catholic Church.  Not many people realize that this is the reason why Reformation Day is the same as Halloween (All Hallows Eve).  Luther was specifically protesting the exploitation of the peasantry through the sacred veneration of relics (for a price, of course), the apex of which occurred on Nov. 1. 

But all that is old news now, right?  So say the many voices that insist that the Reformation is now irrelevant.  Well, check out this website, which complains about the sale of sacred relics on the internet (i.e. where the pope doesn't get the money).  Most importantly, it shows that Tetzil lives today in the Roman Church.  The Daily Telegraph also reports that the papacy is funding the canonization of the late pope John Paul II by selling pieces of his garments as sacred relics.  Looks like the 95 Theses might not be old news yet!

But of course there is an evangelical version of the same.

So with this in mind, to all who think you can buy your way into God's graces, whether papist or protestant, happy All Saints Day!

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Posted November 1, 2007 @ 1:24 PM by Rick Phillips

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