The Great American Octoberfest

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As a public announcement to our non-native Ref21 contributors, I point out that the great American Octoberfest begins today: the major league baseball playoffs.  There is no more American cultural phenomenon than baseball.  And there is no baseball like the major league playoffs.  (Editorial comment: just like Americans took the English game of rugby and made it a great sport, so also have we taken cricket and turned it into a real sport.)  Derek has his wife Rosemary to inform him of these things, but no doubt Carl needs our help in this department.

This week we will be treated to two great American League series, as the muscular Indians seek to slay the evil beast from New York, while the glorious Boston Red Sox take on a strong but injured Anaheim Angels club.  (Question: Did any National League teams actually qualify for the playoffs?  Is there even a need to continue playing after the ALCS?)

As a precaution, I will not be taking my blackberry to church tonight, lest I should sin against God by checking the score during our prayer meeting.  Also, if my ability to contribute to Ref21 falters over the upcoming weeks, Phil Ryken will be free to pick up the slack.
Posted October 3, 2007 @ 10:47 AM by Rick Phillips

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