Parabolic Movies and Mozart

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A potpourri of trivia and gems: first, a warning if you listen to Rick's advice to watch the meerkat saga! He should have told us of the emotional cost of investing sympathy for Mozart and her two sisters! In the space of 30 minutes all three had died! How was I to sleep after a sight of an emaciated Mozart's tail -- all that was left after a encounter with a jackal. Rick, how could you lead us into this heartrending tale without some warning?

My trusty sidekick, Nate, has alerted me to Ian Kern's short films based on the parables. I'm told there are accompanying lectures and study guides to go along with them. You can preview them here (though you will need to persevere to get these to play, but well worth it if you do).

Finally, Bruce Waltke's (with Charles Yu) new book An Old Testament Theology has just arrived. "Pure gold" according to J. I. Packer. Over a thousand pages and I'm looking forward to spending some time trawling through it.

Posted October 27, 2007 @ 10:46 AM by Derek Thomas
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