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The Faith Once Delivered Ed. Anthony T. Selvaggio,
Essays in Honor of Dr. Wayne R. Spear
(P&R, 2007).

What a delightful read this book is proving to be. A collection of essays on the theology of the Westminster Confession written by dear friends in honor a similarly dear friend. The writers include Richard Gaffin, Joel Beeke, Rowland Ward. Richard Gamble and D. G. Hart, to name some. Bob Godfrey writes a foreward and Carl Trueman introduced us to the news that this is to be one of a series of volumes published by Craig Center in conjunction with P & R. At present I am reading Trueman's chapter on James Buchanan's Doctrine of Justification. It is a tour de force, as much about nineteenth century Victorian Britain as it is about the reformed exposition of justification as Buchanan expounds it. Riveting and immensely enjoyable. Leave your office and get hold of a copy immediately!

Posted September 6, 2007 @ 2:04 PM by Derek Thomas

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