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Like Phil, I got a copy of The Great Exchange, kindly sent to me by Jerry Bridges.  I'm very glad to see it, having been told of it by Jerry during a dinner we had during last year's PCRT conference.  As I was thumbing through its contents yesterday, I reflected on the blessings sown by heresy.  It has usually been the case that the church does some of its best work in response to serious attacks on Christian doctrine.  It seems that the rule is holding true again.  We are presently seeing more serious doctrinal writing than has been the case in quite a while, and much of it is truly outstanding.  I hope and pray that out of our doctrinal troubles there may arise a robust, clear, and pointed renewal of commitment to classical Reformed doctrines and that our churches may wake up from so much of the slumber we have been suffering.  Kudos to Jerry, and praise the Lord for new and outstanding books on classic themes like justification, the atonement, and the imputation of Christ's righteousness.
Posted September 25, 2007 @ 1:52 PM by Rick Phillips

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