Blue about the Big Blue?

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I see that Phil has revealed his true character by kicking us Wolverines when we are down (or should I say, by blocking the kick?).  And this after I so graciously refrained from finishing a Rick Ankiel steriods post that I was half-way through the other day...

Actually, Phil, I believe in a sovereign, gracious God.  I always know that even in the lowest times the Lord is working all things together for my good.  In the case of Michigan football, I even know what that good is: a new coach who understands the meaning of the words "game plan".  I feel very conflicted over Lloyd Carr.  He is a true Michigan man and a person of high character (as so displayed when he did not whine or politic over the BCS ratings at the end of last year, unlike Urban Meyer).  It's just that he lacks some abilities that are rather essential to major college football coaching, such as making in-game decisions.  So, Phil, I am thanking God for this.  One year of humiliation followed by the return to glory that will inevitably follow is so much better than perpetual mediocrity.

Anyway, being a Red Sox fan, I'll have plenty of sports to follow all the way through October.

Posted September 10, 2007 @ 8:26 PM by Rick Phillips

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