Should Rodney be banned (or worse??)?

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In light of the unusually large number of complaints (i.e., two hundred and twenty-seven, though all from the same email address – large Catholic family, we’re guessing) about Rodney Trotter's offensive blogging, we’ve asked Robert Plant (no, not the legendary lead singer of Led Zeppelin but Cabbie no. 239087 with Coda Cabs, West Bromwich) to comment on the use of satire and irony to provoke people to think. Robert, or should I call you `Mr Plant, sir’: what do you think?  Should Rodney be fired, along with other non-referential linguistic constructs on Ref21?  And irony and satire? For saints or for sinners?

Well, mate, definitely for sinners. No saint should touch em with a bargepole, know wot I mean? I mean, you’ll never guess who I ad in the back of my cab the other week? Only Percy Monious-Spirit, the cousin of my old mucker, Rt Rev Sanc T. And Percy woz tellin’ me ‘ow satire and irony woz totally unacceptable as a means of gettin’ people to think about things and all that. I mean, there’s no irony, satire or typical characters in the bible is there—well, providing you miss out some of them parable thingies wot appear in the New Testament, and that bit where Paul boasts about all his accomplishments, and then there's psalm 115 and that bit in Isaiah about the geezer what chops down the tree, makes an idol and cooks himself meal from the same piece of wood wivout ever asking 'imself the obvious question. But other than these minor passages wot probably crept in through manuscript corruption or bad translation, there’s absolutely no biblical basis for it whatsoever. Not that I’ve got anything against fictional characters, me. No, mate. I ain’t prejudiced, me; not all -- some of my best mates is fictional, though my wife has told me I gotta go and see the doctor about it and all that. So I ain’t a bigot, but frankly, it's all gettin' out of hand, innit?  I mean, these fictional characters should stay on their own webpages – they’re comin’ over ‘ere, taking our blogs, squeezin’ non-fictional people out onto the streets, kidnappin’ our women – I mean, the government should do something about, mate, shouldn’t they!  They'll soon be makin' it compulsory and all that if we're not careful.  I mean, I blame that Trueman geezer. He should build his empire elsewhere – stick with buyin’ those casinos he likes in Atlantic City. I mean, his hair's ridiculous, innit; no wonder Ivana divorced ‘im. Time for the ACE council to use his own catchphrase against im `You’re fired!’ I mean, if I ‘ad a quid for every fictional bloke what got into my cab and didn't pay when I got im to his destination, I'd be ….. (That’s enough -- you’re fired. We all love little Rodney here – Del Boy)

Posted July 24, 2007 @ 9:06 AM by Gareth Baudrillard-Jones

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