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I'm not sure that the best way to look at career choices is to place the discussion into the obedient/disobedient framework, but rather into the wise/unwise framework.  Now, there are career choices that are simply sinful, but few Christians are wrestling with whether or not to be a mafia hitman or topless dancer.  For most believers, the issue really is "is this wise?"

In this respect, I have considerable concerns regarding corporate America.  To be sure, it is good to have Christians in our corporations (and we have many).  But having familiarized myself with today's corporations while attending the Wharton School of Business, and having fed my family during seminary by working as a corporate consultant, I find that most corporate careers breed highly unhealthy lifestyles.  The corporate executive track offers so much -- wealth, power, excitement -- but at such a cost: everything else!  When I was at Wharton, it was practically expected that you would get divorced!

I would suggest this grid for making decisions about career choices: Does this path allow me to be faithful to all my callings?  To be sure, I am called to provide for my family and contribute to the world.  But am I not called to be a nurturing husband, a devoted father, a contributing church member (and not just contributing money!), and a zealous witness for Christ?  If we can not be at least faithful in all our callings, then we are making poor choices, and we will probably look back on our lives with regret.  Especially when thinking about the "fast track" to worldly success, we need to ask, "What is the price tag for this?"  and "Does God want me to pay it?"
Posted July 24, 2007 @ 12:21 PM by Rick Phillips

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