Congratulations to Hughes Oliphant Old

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With the great volume of new books these days, there are few truly significant publishing events.  The sixth volume of Hughes Oliphant Old's The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, released in February, is surely one.  This is a colossal endeavor of great value to the whole church.  I had the privilege of ministering to Dr. Old and his family during my years at Tenth Presbyterian Church.  He is a true Christian gentleman and scholar.  While this is no light read (it's not a difficult read, though), the value of this history of preaching far exceeds that of today's typical how-to handbook.  Thanks to Derek for his insightful review.  I would point out, as well, that without saying so in so many words, Dr. Old develops a strong case for expository preaching as that approach most highly correlated with the Spirit's mighty blessing of God's Word.  He traces a tradition of expository preaching that goes right back to the apostles and even to the ministry of our Lord himself. 
Posted May 8, 2007 @ 3:10 PM by Rick Phillips

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