Belated PCRT Wrap-Up

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I got an email from a young minister yesterday who was updating me on his calling into ministry.  We first at the Indianapolis PCRT when he was at college.  He would bring a gang from Ball State with specially made t-shirts identifying them as Reformed zealots.  I later spoke at his college ministry group.  Well, he has since graduated from Westminster Seminary in California and has received his first call to a church.  He wrote to say, "Keep up with the PCRT -- that's where it all started for me!"  Amen, brother!

We had a great year for our thirty-fourth annual Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, for which we give thanks to God.  The conference theme, The Word: Above All Earthly Powers, was supported by simply tremendous preaching.  I would like to especially thank our friends R. C. Sproul, Jerry Bridges, Don Carson, and Ken Jones, who ministered the truth with great power.  They were all wonderful companions in our travels and we all were richly blessed by renewed fellowship with them.  Also, Alliance stalwarts Lig Duncan, Phil Ryken, and Mark Dever made their typically outstanding contributions.  We even had Carl Trueman give a seminar (or was it Rodney Trotter -- I haven't heard Carl yet because I was giving a seminar at the time, but I look forward to the cds).  My thanks to all our speakers, to all who attended this year's great conferences, and to our tremendous staff at the Alliance.  My special thanks goes to the Lord, who met with us in power through His mighty Word.

Now we get ready for next year's conference: "Precious Blood: The Atoning Work of Christ," meeting in Sacramento, Atlanta, Grand Rapids, and Philadelphia.  See you there!
Posted May 9, 2007 @ 9:06 AM by Rick Phillips

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