Operation Homecoming, Part 2

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More material from Makoto Fujimura's essay "Operation Homecoming: Epistles of Injury."

As he read letters from soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, Fujimura was reminded of a bloody event on American soil, and the sacrifice that one person was willing to make.  Fujimura writes:

"John Hewett, the development direcotr of the NEA, and who also happens to be an ordained minister, told me a poignant story recently. When the evil struck the sleepy Amish community near Lancaster, when a gunman/milkman systematically shot girls one by one, there was a hidden story, in what he called 'A Miracle Nobody Noticed.' "  Hewett wrote:
    'I'm convinced most of us get through most days without thinking about God much. I was having one of those days a few weeks ago, until I heard about Marian and Barbie Fisher, two of the ten girls in the West Nickel Mines Amish School. Marian, the oldest, was 13. Her sister Barbie, who lived, is 11. When it became obvious what was about to happen that ghastly morning, Marian turned to the killer and said, 'Shoot me and leave the other ones loose.' 'Shoot me next,' Barbie said. 'Shoot me next.' Two children willing to lay down their lives for their friends. Wonder where they got an idea like that? That's another miracle nobody noticed.' "
Posted February 12, 2007 @ 8:46 AM by Phil Ryken

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