Reverse Adoption

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You can't choose your family . . . or can you?

Last week ABC News reported that 40-year old Jenna MacFarlane has adopted new parents.  Feeling estranged from her own family, MacFarlane took out a personal ad that began "Single white female seeking family."  She received nearly a hundred replies and eventually decided to "adopt" Karen and Steve Kesler. 

In moments of weakness and frustration, many Christians have wondered whether it might be possible to have a new church family. 

No doubt this helps to explain why so many churchgoers change churches so often.  Relationships with siblings can be difficult, and this is as true with our brothers and sisters in Christ as it is with anyone.

Fortunately we never have any reason to seek a reverse adoption from the head of our household.  We have the best of Fathers, who has the best of plans for our future.  And like any good father, He wants us to learn to love our brothers and sisters in the family we didn't choose, but have been given to love.
Posted January 29, 2007 @ 8:18 AM by Phil Ryken

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