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One of my most vivid memories of kindergarten is hearing Miss Killip talk to us about heaven, telling us that Jesus was preparing a place for us.  This was back in the day when John 14 still said "many mansions" -- an evocative phrase.

Recently I received a "Tribute to Beatrice K. Killip," written when she died back in October.  I was not surprised to learn that Miss Killip was heavenly-minded to the end of her days: she had spent her whole life getting ready to go to the place that Jesus was getting ready for her.  A year or two ago, after the death of one of her former colleagues, Miss Killip wrote:

"Isn't it wonderful to know that she's safe and sound in the very presence of our living Savior, Lord, and coming King right now! And isn't it exciting to know that some day soon He, the Lord Jesus, is coming in Person to get the rest of His Family to take to His Father's House! I'm looking forward to it!"

Yes, it is exciting, and Miss Killip was one of the first people to show me how exciting it is.
Posted January 3, 2007 @ 9:39 AM by Phil Ryken

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