Welsh Carol

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Thanks Phil. We arrived back from a family funeral last night to be met by Ligon at the airport. Now, why did he remind me of Father Christmas? Strangely, I had been been reading Dr. Mark Garcia's fine piece in the latest Westminster Theological Journal in which he links Osiander with Luther's erroneous view on the ubiquity of the physical body of Christ and ultimately distinguishes this tradition from the Chalcedonian-Reformed tradition. (It was ubiquity that reminded me of Ligon!). But back to the Welsh carol...  This is the second time that my friend Paul Jones (musical director at Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia) has honored me by setting one of my hymn-compositions to music. Paul is leading the way in securing "new" music for Christian worship that retains a certain "traditional" style wedded to a reformed theological principle. His music has an identifiable signature, and his compositions for James Montgomery Boice's hymns deserve to become widely known and used. "Traditional" worship will not survive is it adopts a museum mentality.

For those who wish to see the entire carol, I will try and get this uploaded later today. At the moment, the program is having pre-Christmas jitters. Must be Rodders' latest blogs.
Posted December 23, 2006 @ 10:01 AM by Derek Thomas

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