Some Words for Unheralded, Unknown, Unpublished Pastors

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God bless you.  I believe that future history (whether in heaven or on earth) will look back on these present years and realize that the most valuable servants in Christ's kingdom were those humble, faithful, Spirit-filled men of God who labored in obscurity, usually serving small churches.  You are more important to Christ's kingdom than the media celebrities.  And you are more important than hardly-celebrity types like those of use who write on websites like this one and have the privilege of publishing books and speaking at conferences.  (In fact, the main value in our broader ministries is the help and encouragement we might give to you.)  When the loads of chaff from so many superstar "ministries" has been carted away, the good fruit you have borne will endure forever. 

So don't be discouraged because you don't pastor a megachurch (neither do I).  Don't be distracted by the winds and waves of trendy spirituality.  And don't forget that the reward of your service to Christ is the joy of serving Christ, giving glory to His name, and shepherding His beloved sheep.
Posted December 6, 2006 @ 9:56 AM by Rick Phillips

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