Boice on Romans: Where My List Starts

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If I am going to think about the books that have most influenced my life as a Christian, the starting place has to be James Montgomery Boice's 4 volume Romans commentary.  I was converted at Tenth while Dr. Boice was preaching Romans and my mind was blown away.  (Actually, I was saved during an evening service.  Jim was preaching Romans in the morning.  He was in Romans 9 at the time, and when I came to the next Sunday's morning service my mind really blown away.  Predestination was almost the first Christian doctrine I heard preached.)  During my three years as a college professor, I would give a copy of vol. 1 (Romans 1-4, Justification by Faith) to every member of my evangelistic Bible study.  That book worked an incredible change in a great number of lives.
Posted October 12, 2006 @ 3:25 PM by Rick Phillips

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