Are We Ready for Battle?

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Philip Johnston in yesterday's edition of The Daily Telegraph newspaper.gave a chilling account of what the latest European Union legal rulings will mean for Britain. He took as his cue an adverisement in a local newspaper, which read:

"Retired couple wanted to look after large country home while owners abroad. Small salary payable. Married quarters available."

As of October 1, he went on to explain, this advertisment broke the law not only because it restricted the job to an older couple; it suggested that the applicants should be married!

He was referring to the Sexual Orientations Regulations to be introduced piecemeal over the next few months under the Equality Act 2006.  Johnston made further reference to the case of Stephen Green, arrested in Wales recently for handing out leaflets at a gay festival entitled Same-Sex Love; Same -Sex Sex: What Does the Bible Have to Say?  He was charged with "Threatening Behaviour." The charge has since been dropped. Johnston comments:

"Now, you may or may not agree with Mr Green's stance on this matter, but it hardly warranted detaining him for four hours or charging him with "threatening behaviour". Who was he threatening? Indeed, Mr Green could argue that, as a Christian who believes that homosexuality is wrong, he should be allowed to exercise his rights to say so, even at the risk of offending people. After all, the Equality Act also outlaws discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief."

Johnston further adds these significant warnings:

"Faith groups say they will face prosecution if they fail to promote or encourage homosexual practices. For instance, teachers may fall foul of the law if they do not give homosexuality equal prominence in sex education lessons to heterosexuality. A Muslim printer could be charged for declining to publish a flyer for a gay pride march. An IT consultant with strong Christian convictions may be prosecuted for refusing to build a website designed for same-sex dating. It would be illegal for Christian conference and retreat centres to refuse bookings from gay and lesbian groups, or for Christian hostels to refuse beds to same-sex couples.

"Lord Mackay, a former Lord Chancellor, said: "For people of religious faith who believe that the practice of homosexuality is wrong, these proposals carry a serious threat to their freedom in their voluntary and charitable work and in relation to earning their livelihood in a number of occupations."

There is every reason to think that a new ave of persecution is emerging in Europe which is utterly intolerant of Judeo-Christian beliefs. It may the start of an entirely new era in the West where the church will face increasing hostility. And given the way evangelicalism has been going the last 50 years, we aren't even remotely ready for it. 

Posted October 2, 2006 @ 10:37 PM by Derek Thomas

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