Border Crossings

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I am just back from one of Carl Trueman's haunts: tell it not in Gath, but I slept in his bed! I refer to a trip to Canada for Sola Scriptura Ministries, and my good friend Heinz D. Now, I'd tell you his second name, but it is impossible to spell from memory! I stayed in a wonderful home (shades of one of Bronte's novels).I stayed there two or possibly three years ago, along with CT. This time, I was alone and when I arrived the charming lady of the house said, "You're staying in Dr. Trueman's room."  Imagine!  I'm still floating in the clouds.

Why is it that so little is known about Canadian church life south of the border? Am I reflecting a more Southern attitude? It is remarkable in the land where Tim Horton is the cultural icon that a border can dramatically affect the quality of church life. But then, even in the Roman Empire, the issues in Corinth were different from those In Rome or southern Galatia.

And, having been tuned out of all sport over the weekend, I see that it was a grand weekend for golf!
Posted September 25, 2006 @ 11:02 AM by Derek Thomas

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