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Rick Phillips to Ref21, requesting permission to redock...

I am glad to be reentering the Ref21 cyberzone, having been in a mini self-imposed exile for awhile.  This largely consisted of my much-needed, and much-enjoyed family vacation.  Immediately on returning, however, I found the ground moving rapidly.  It was my great privilege to spend a week teaching Bible to the Rafiki Foundation's enrichment week in beautiful New Braunfels, TX.  (What a great organization Rafiki is... see an upcoming blog entry on this).  Then I faced a deadline on a book due (okay, overdue) to Crossway.  It is tentatively titled Only One Way? Reaffirming the Exclusive Claims of Christianity.  Included are wonderful contributions from Lig and Phil, along with must-read chapters from Peter Jones, David Wells, and Don Carson.  These are the addresses from the 2005 PCRT.  Added to this is the on-going copy proofing for my Hebrews commentary in the REC (also overdue).  Plus, I am preparing for a trip to Nairobi, Kenya next week, teaching with David Wells and Ken Jones to the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.  So, come to think of it, why am I signing in now?  But I will try to get some blog entries in before I leave next Friday.  Anyway, my greetings to all the brothers and to our dear readers!
Posted July 19, 2006 @ 11:42 AM by Rick Phillips
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