Consumerism, Higher Education and the Church

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Welcome back Rick! We want to hear about your journey to Africa when you've gone and returned. You are right, Rafiki has a wonderful ministry.

Now, a few weeks ago I posted on "Consumerism and the Local Church." Well, Martha Nussbaum, in thoughts from a book review on another topic, has me thinking of some parallels. Says she (in summarizing the argument of the book she's reviewing/critiquing): "America’s great universities, argues Harry R. Lewis, are becoming soulless and consumer-driven. Increasingly, they cater to their students’ desires, rather than forming their students’ characters. They have little concern for their role in the creation of citizenship. As a result, American society is in trouble, because America’s future depends on superior education at these elite universities." Substitute churches for universities, members for students, discipleship for citizenship and the local church for society, and you have David Wells' argument about evangelicalism!
Posted July 19, 2006 @ 12:21 PM by Ligon Duncan

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