The Fun of Being Presbyterian

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There are advantages to being Presbyterian! It's called General Assemblies. True, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church In America is like no other. More about schmoozing than ecclesiastical politics. Truth is, we're more akin to Congregationalism than we dare admit. There's connectionalism of course; we have a common identity, a shared vision (of sorts) and when it comes to the ordination of ministers it's decidedly corporate and hierarchical. But the autonomy of the local church is an important undercurrent.   I liken the General Assembly of the PCA to CNN: all talk and little substance. Talk there is plenty of--it's just not in the Assembly Hall but in the local Starbucks across the road or the very expensive cafe at the Hyatt (where the Assembly is taking place). Groups are huddled in corners but there's no sense of "us and them". It's all very cordial. We love each other (there's lots of hugging--an ambivalent gesture I always think!). But a spark of controversy looms over something called "Federal Vision" but it's like watching a firestorm in another state on a CNN newsclip.

CNN! We are in Atlanta, after all. Speaking of which, my poor wife is now so close to her failing Braves, it's painful to watch. Loyalty, as I keep reminding her, is supporting a team that can't win to save their lives. O well, I do have my ipod and since I'm dismayed by Carl's descent into even greater depths of musical sleaze, I'll maybe catch a few hours of my beloved Wagner in between hugs and kisses. Stay tuned. 
Posted June 21, 2006 @ 9:32 AM by Derek Thomas

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