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To Tony "The Gent" Pinnochio: No one was available to talk to, and Carl will have to pass on your messages for a few days.  Just be nice to him and remember he's English so give him respect! Hopefully we'll solve it soon.

To Carl: Interesting piece on Bono (including references to Springsteen) in latest issue of "By Faith" (the PCA magazine).

To Ligon: my wife says, "What's Ligon doing blogging when he's supposed to be on vacation?" Wives!  Blogging is vacation! I filled in for you today, discovering thirty minutes before the first service that I'd prepared next week's sermon instead of the one printed in the bulletin! Horrors! I even thought of changing at that late stage but don't tell my students. 

Missed you greatly. Some mice played hooky (or is that hookie?) when the cat's away! You know me: always counting numbers! Enjoy the week at the beach. Saw for what I think was the first time how Peter's sermon in Acts 3 is so covenantal, citing those mountain peak passages (Gen 12, Deut 18 and 2 Sam 7) as he does at the end of the sermon. It provides for us a hermeneutical key on how to read the Old Testament: as an integrated whole, with a deliberate and consistent theme, as though by one author. No dispensationalism in Peter's theology!

Isn't it strange, even after 35 years of reading the Bible, the things we miss?
Posted June 25, 2006 @ 10:17 PM by Derek Thomas

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