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So, our twisted sense of humor, as we teased Carl about famous Englishmen, somewhat backfired. To the dozens of you who sent e-mail letting us know that our famous screen personalities were not English, we knew that! We were having fun with our favorite Englishman. Right! We don't have enough to do!

And now for something completely different: two new books by Scottish authors (!) ....
Two really interesting books have come my way and I want to recommend them highly:

The first is by reformation21 author, Ian D. Campbell (Back Free Church of Scotland), Opening Up Exodus.


"By the time we have read through Exodus, we have learned the basic vocabulary of the gospel—words like blood, redeem, sacrifice, glory, law, tabernacle, passover are all here, part of the great drama in which God saves a people for himself. To study Exodus, therefore, is to come to the heart of the message of redemption, to see God as the Saviour of his people, caring for them and present with them as they journey from Egypt to Canaan, from the house of bondage to the land of promise."

The other is by the nineteenth century Covenanter, William Symington, The Atonement and Intercession of Jesus Christ.

It contains the following blurb by some otherwise unknown character!

“The reappearance of this book by the Covenanter and social reformer,William Symington—south-west Scotland’s most important theologian ofthe nineteenth century—is a cause for great rejoicing. Focusing almostexclusively on the ‘passive’ obedience of Christ, Symington’s treatmentof the atonement is not complete; but few finer accounts of this aspectof the work of Christ exist. Characterized by exegetical insight andrhetorical passion, it deserves to be placed along side similartreatments by Hugh Martin and George Smeaton.”

Derek Thomas Professor of Systematic and Practical TheologyReformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi

Posted April 25, 2006 @ 10:58 AM by Derek Thomas

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