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A God-Centered Understanding of Sin

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The most important truth about sin is the one least recognized in our day. It is this: all sin is primarily sin against God. Where sin is understood as merely a moral concept rather than mainly a religious one,[1]  where... continue

In Memoriam, James Montgomery Boice (1938-2000)

Article by   June 2010
June 15 marks the tenth anniversary of the death of James Montgomery Boice, who was for thirty-two years the pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, the dean of Reformed pastor-scholars in his generation, and my beloved pastor.  The enduring... continue

Preaching to People?

Article by   June 2010
Relatively early in my preaching career I had the opportunity to preach the opening sermon at a conference.  The main conference speaker was a man that I consider to be one of the finest preachers of our times.  After hearing... continue

Against the Tide

Article by   June 2010
Miroslav Volf is a distinguished scholar. He is the Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology at Yale Divinity School and he is the director of the Yale Centre for Faith and Culture. His theological trajectory includes being the son... continue

Augustine and Pastoral Theology

Article by   June 2010
Augustine is read widely in the secular academy as a philosopher foundational to understanding the development of western civilization and for his relevance in the modern disciplines of literature, psychology, politics, ethics and aesthetics.  One gets the feeling however that... continue
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