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Is The Thickness of Two Short Planks A Forgotten Divine Attribute?

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None of the systematic theologies I own include `being as thick as two short planks' in their treatments of the divine attributes; but it appears that there is a trend today to rectify this neglected aspect of God's being.  ... continue

Whither or Wither?

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The Trials and Tribulations of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian ChurchThe Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARPC) is one of the smaller and lesser known Presbyterian bodies in North America.  With a stated membership of around thirty-five thousand, the ARPC is one... continue

Exposition and Sufficiency

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Under-Powered PreachersLast year a member of my congregation gave my wife and me tickets to the U2 concert in Boston.  The seats were amazing, and the concert was even better.  Bono and company did not disappoint.  But almost equally incredible... continue

Adam and Eve

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[The following article is taken from the book, Should Christians Embrace Evolution? (ed. Norman Nevin and published by IVP -UK, 2009).  The book it to be published soon in the USA by P & R. Permission to republish was kindly... continue
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