March 2010 Archives

Shifting Sands at Erskine

Article by   March 2010
While the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Synod, a confessional evangelical Presbyterian denomination, has worked for some years to gently turn around its increasingly secularized Erskine college, the reality of difference between the denomination's and the former board and present administration's... continue

Aspects of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones' Legacy: Some Personal Observations

Article by   March 2010
Without entering into a private spat, Carl Trueman's recent cogent and spirited riposte to Iain H. Murray's allegations inclines me to offer some personal observations on some of the effects of Dr. Lloyd-Jones' ambivalence toward some questions of ecclesiology. continue

Preaching Romans

Article by   March 2010
I am currently preaching through Paul's letter to the Romans. Romans is arguably the greatest letter ever written. It is majestic in its theme and scope. It proclaims the gospel, the good news that sinners can be saved from God's wrath because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and through faith in Christ alone. continue

The Elder

Article by   March 2010
This book will serve professors, students, pastors, and laymen well in their understanding and application of what it means to be a servant leader elder in the Church of Jesus Christ. Admittedly, the range from professor to laymen is a wide one, but Van Dam's style, reliance on Scripture, and clarity help him pull this off. continue

On the Gloucestershire Way of Identifying Sheep: A Response to Iain Murray

Article by   March 2010
On the whole, I have always taken the position that I do not respond to hostile reviews, simply on the grounds that the reviewer is entitled to his or her opinions, and the reading public is entitled to weigh the arguments and come to its own conclusion; but the recent review by Iain H. Murray in March's Banner of Truth magazine of my essay in J.I.Packer's Festschrift has drawn me out of my lair. continue

Reflections on Rome (Part II): The Need for History 101

Article by   March 2010
In last month's Wages column, I reflected upon my experience in Rome and Padua shortly before Christmas, a week that involved both the awesome beauty of the Vatican, the dazzling intellectual accomplishments of Catholic theological education, and the weird folk religion that surrounds relics such as the tongue of St. Anthony of Padua. continue
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