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Reflections on Rome Part 1: Connecting the Mind and the Tongue

Article by   January 2010
I have spent most of my life connected in some sense to Rome. At school and then at university, I was a Classics man. I preferred Greek tragedy to Roman comedy; but when it came to history, politics, poetry and oratory, I was a Rome man. continue

A Response to Paul Helm

Article by   January 2010
It is always a great pleasure to hear from my old friend, Paul Helm, even when I am being gently rebuked and corrected. The matter on which we lock horns here is, of course, of more than mere academic interest to us, since he and I are both products of the Anglo-Welsh evangelical world which was shaped so profoundly by the events of 1966. continue

A Theology of John's Gospel and Letters

Article by   January 2010
A Theology of John's Gospel and LettersBy: Andreas J. Kostenberger652p.Zondervan (2009)When I began undertaking a writing project on the seven signs of John's Gospel my first instinct was to review everything Andreas Kostenberger had written on the subject.  In my... continue

The Manliness of Adoption: Testosterone and Pure Religion

Article by   January 2010
It was third grade and I was watching the events unfold. One kid, twice the size of a normal third grader, was picking on my friend who was on the opposite end of the size spectrum. As I sized up what was going on I feared my friend was about to be on the receiving end of a large knuckle sandwich. I decided not to let that happen. I went over stepped in front of my friend, and said, "Leave him alone." continue
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