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The Joy of the Reformed

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I wasn't born and raised in the Reformed church.  In other words, I am a Reformed immigrant.  Like many people in the Reformed church today, I migrated out of broad based evangelicalism and non-denominationalism.  Many of my friends, both ministers... continue

The Funeral of a Great Myth

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In contrast to the popular fiction and apologetic writings of C.S. Lewis, a less familiar body of social commentary exists within the writer's corpus. These writings give some of the clearest insight into the political, social, and philosophical environment in which Lewis lived and which influenced much of his work. continue

Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear To Tread

Article by   December 2009
Some weeks ago a friend forwarded me a link to the blog of an American Christian academic. Now, at the risk of protesting too much, I must stress that I don't read blogs - I really don't read blogs - unless, that is, they are sent to me by someone else. continue

A Caller from Cyberspace

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Among the morning's tide of emails, the usual flotsam and jetsam. But one item caught my eye, the one headed 'Of Interest?' It should really have gone straight into junk. But I opened it. (I did not notice the name of the sender, in case you're curious).That was all. Which I did. continue

The Manhattan Declaration: A Statement from Ligon Duncan

Article by   December 2009
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has received a number of requests for comment upon the Manhattan Declaration, a recent public statement on the sanctity of life, marriage and sexuality, and religious liberty, signed by a number of leaders from the evangelical, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions. continue
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