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Jesus Interrupted

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Jesus InterruptedBy Bart D. Ehrman304 p.HarperOne (March 2009)This review has been used by permission as appeared in WTJ 71, no.2, Fall 2009Just in time for Easter, Bart Ehrman has (again) offered another popular-level assault on the historical integrity of the... continue

Preaching Ephesians

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'What makes a preacher choose any book or passage of the Bible to preach on?' That's the sixty-four thousand dollar question I tend to ask myself on not a few occasions and feel I have to answer to my congregation (usually when I'm beginning a new series). I suppose there is a degree of similarity in that to the mountaineer's question and answer: 'Why climb that mountain? - Because it's there!' continue

O Day Most Calm, Most Bright

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Theology and literary flair. These days it seems never the twain shall meet. The former often suffers from clunky constructions and idiosyncratic pedantry; but when mixed with the latter, however, it turns sweetly succinct and yet able to ply the heart, catapulting it upward. continue

Is Idolatry the New Sin?

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"Just talk about idolatry and you'll be fine." A mentor recently offered these words in my presence to a seminary student who was facing an assignment to preach on the topic of sin. The student's sermon may, indeed, have been "fine" if he followed that suggestion, but the advice struck me as signaling something deeper than a single Sunday pointer. continue

Welcome to Wherever You Are

Article by   November 2009
Anyone who has ever emigrated as an adult to a foreign country will tell you that, while the physical process of moving can be dispatched in a relatively short period of time, the emotional and cultural transition takes much longer and probably never quite comes to an end. For me, the distance from family was difficult at times, but at least it was something that I knew would be part and parcel of the deal. continue

Lloyd Jones: Messenger of Grace

Article by   November 2009
Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of GraceBy Iain Murray274 p.Banner of Truth (May 2008)The Lord Jesus Christ has gifted his church with teachers and preachers in the past and for that we are truly grateful.  One, whose writings I first came into contact... continue
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